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> (engE) Best Work Place > Best Work Place = Best Women Work Place?

.: Best Work Place = Best Women Work Place? :.

Best Work Place << >>BEST WOMEN WORK PLACE ?
>> 23/01/04- 9.00/12.00 - Amazone A017 -Brussels
>> 23/01/04- 14.00/17.00 - ATEL Antwerp

In our society work occupies a dominant position. The tenser eocnomic and social context and majour tehcnological developments force in-depth reorganisations of work and labour.
Everyone has to find his/her place, and have the best possible working environment.
Everybody wants to work in the “ best work place ”.
Does “ Best work place ” mean the same thing for women as it does for men ? Is a “ Best work place ” the best for everyone whatever they have to do ?
These are the questions that the ADA network wants those taking part in the roundtable to consider in order to produce together proposals for criteria, actions and thoughts and define the concepts of the “ Best work place for women ”
As well as the action involved in this meeting, ADA network, faithful to its objective of exchanges of good practices, will publish the results of this round table on its website site ( www.ada-online.be ) and will circulate them to those responsaible for implementing these changes.

Best Work Place
>> 23/01/04- 9h/12h - Amazone A017 -Brussels -
>> 23/01/04- 14h/17h - ATEL Antwerp -
The meeting is intended to be interactive and dynamic, with three preparatory workshops. The programme will be conducted by Anne Peeters of Anne Peeters- Cédac asbl -(Centre d’études et d’action pour la cohésion sociale)***
Cristina Lunghi - consultant at Arborus France - and author of “ Et si les femmes réinventaient le travail ” (Ed. Eyrolles) will conduct this roundtable and will share the expertise in women’s work. In Brussels:
>> 9.15- 10.25 - Workshop 1 : Working conditions
Working life is a series of stages : recruitment, assessment, skill development, changes in tasks and responsibilities, reorganisation, changes of jobs (voluntary and otherwise... These matters are often regulated and sex-discrimination is prohibited by our laws. What is the reality ?
- Stéphane Thys - Directeur de l’Observatoire bruxellois du marché du travail et des qualifications A view of the situation of women on the Brussels labour market
- Irène Petre - Secrétaire nationale CNE Distribution - Retailing, a sector with a high proportion of women. Are working conditions adapted for women ?
- Irène Kaufer- déléguée syndicale SETCa à la Fnac - personal experience

>> Break

>> 10.45 - 12 .05 - Workshop 2 : Wellbeing at work (Brussels)
Is wellbeing a luxury in the world of work or a necessity ? Studies tend to show not only that it is useful but also that it enhance productivity. Some firm have understood, others have not yet ... But is it easy to determine what wellbeing at work is ?
Once the criteria are defined, will they be the same for women workers in the textile industry and senior managers in a high flying firm ?
- Maryse Jeuniaux - Université de Mons Hainaut - Département de Développement familial et communautaire - Reconciling personal and working life
- Dominique Tenaerts - membre du Women Leadership Council belge d’IBM Presentation of actions carried out under the Women programme in IBM a major technological firm.
- Isabelle Hansez - ULG - Service de Psychologie du Travail et des Personal experience of flexibility systems and organisational changes : gender differences
- Pilar Cortés - GWE HR Project Manager Hewlett-Packard Belgium - Personal experience at HP

- Françoise Meyer - Camerawomen à la RTBF Personal experience

>> Transfer to Antwerp and visit at Flection, a computer - reconditioning firm

In Antwerp:
>> 14.00-15h.20 - Workshop 3 : Training
Is training a right, a necessity, or an obligation ? Our present knowledge-based society drives us into continuous training throughout our lives. Practices, however, shows up gender-related disparities. Must they be all eliminated ?
- Erica Bolzonello - ECSC - responsable actions femmes Programme of claims to ensure correct balance for men and women in training at work.
- Marijke Weewauters - Ministère fédéral de l’emploi et du travail -cellule Quo vadis Presentation of the Quo Vadis project
- Roos Ruysschaert –Cevora - Some aspects of training for women in CPNAE firms - what role for IT ?
- Reinoud Reynders -UZ Leuven-–(to be confirmed) - Informatica department - an IT training initiative for nurses
- Cristina Lunghi - Arborus France- Cityctac Tactic - Equal training European Project

>> Break

>> 15.40-17.00 - Proposals for lines of thoughts and action.
“ Best Work Place ”, it is easy to say, but is it easy to do ? It certainly isn’t, but there is a lot of interest in the idea. Does it work out the same for everybody ?
- Katleen de Stobbeleir - Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School - HRM Centre -The European “Great place to work Project "
- Représentant du cabinet Landuyt, Ministre régional flamand de l’emploi et de la formation - Evenwicht maakt sterk

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