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for the 3 days]
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Program for the 3 days
Program 15 november
Program 16 november
Program 17 november

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Lectures=Theoretical exposé + (60'+ questions) (FR/NL/EN)
Workshops=Workshops with participation over 3 days necessary (3 x 120')
Tools=Practical demonstrations (45'+questions)
Forum=Short factual exposé (45'+ questions)
Traces=Audio and visual archiving of the 3 days

The three days will include
. practical workshops
. presentations of projects or of the outcome of research
. conferences
. moments of informal and festive exchanges.

Practical workshops:

1. Technobiography: dissertation, filing and narration work around the question: 'What personal links do you have with technology?' Various exercises of analysis and of image creation, of memory editing will make it possible to clarify the skills and the experiences that women have as regards technology and to use the work tools for the purpose of personal creation
2. Understanding of the tools of work, creation, and distribution. An introduction to the Internet, electronic mail, mailing lists, chat rooms... Also an opportunity to exchange lists of favourites. Training in the policy of tools: what is a computer? (to take it apart, to put it together again, to modify its configuration), what is an 'open source system'? what is its use ?, what is free software, what is its use ?, what is a network?

Of the presentation of projects and outcome of research:
To link the real facts of use and needs to the figures, observations and analysis, guests will provide data likely to nurture workshop activity:
. the analysis of offers on the Internet: what do women see? what do they do?
. autobiography on the Internet
. Internet distance learning
. the interdependent economy
. the alternatives to the copyright
. health and social welfare in the new trades of the NTIC
. cyber feminism -
. etc.

Conferences :

A series of theoretical talks will approach the problems of women and of NTICs
. the situation of women on the NTIC labour market
. the image of women in the media
. the analysis of the representation of women in SF cinema
. the history of the masculinity of sciences and of technologies,
. etc.

Internet/cd-rom spaces [9h- 17h]
initiation & consultation internet: email, moteurs de recherche , favoris: (économie solidaire, cyberféminisme, réseaux,etc...)choisis par les femmes en formation à Interface3

Resources : [9h- 20h]
Library, video library, cd-romthèque, internet space:
A video library illustrating the workshop and the cinematographic analysis conference will be at the public's disposal.
A selection of works will be asked for at the Women's University and RoSa libraries
Constant will offer a selection of multimedia artists' CD-ROMs

Tours Library
RoSa: documentatiecentrum Rol en Samenleving, is hét adres in Vlaanderen voor documentatie en informatie over gender, gelijke kansen en feminisme.
Digitaal Amazone digitale: databank en netwerk van vrouwenorganisaties/Base de données et réseaux d'organisations de femmes.
Bibliothèque Léonie La Fontaine, Université des Femmes: thésaurus francophone de documentation féministe et sur les femmes.

· the audio and visual filing of the Digital Days by teams of participants who will have learned to film, to record sound, to interview, to edit, to adapt this production for the web, for the radio...
. Broadcasting on 'Radio Campus' and 'FM Brussel' of audio reporting carried out during these 3 days.
. The Internet site will be updated and developed in the spirit of exchange and interdisciplinarity of the Digital Days, to reactivate the links between scientific research, training, occupational integration and artistic creation.
. The lecturers' texts, a bibliography, a series of references in the form of links will be filed and published on an Internet site where the audio-visual results of the workshops/conferences/activities will be broadcasted.