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- Amazone http://www.amazone.be
- RoSa http://www.rosadoc.be

- Malin Bjork-European Women Lobby http://www.womenlobby.org
- Laurence Claeys-STIVA http://www.uia.ac.be/women/odl/
- Cécile Crutzen-Open Universiteit Nederland
- Gisèle Didi http:// gisele.didi.free.fr
- Ingrid Hoofd http://nextgenderation.let.uu.nl
- Mia Makela http://www.fiftyfifty.org/passenger http://www.fiftyfifty.org/SOLU - http://www.fiftyfifty.org/MIH/02eng.html
http://www.fiftyfifty.org/f-scapes - http://www.fiftyfifty.org/f-scapes_II/
- Isabelle Massu http://www.penelopes.org http://www.aux2mondes.org
- Magda Michielsens http://women-www.uia.ac.be/women/ http://www.uia.ac.be/women/odl/
- Olia Oliana http://myboyfriendcamebackfromth.ewar.ru/
- Joëlle Palmieri http://www.penelopes.org http://www.mediasol.org/
- Anne Marie Schleiner http://www.opensorcery.net
Does Lara Croft wear fake polygons?
- Cornelia Sollfrank http:// www.obn.org
- Elke Valgaeren http:// www.luc.ac.be/sein/ned/nonderz.html#genderICT
- Corine Van Hellemont ZORRA http://women.uia.ac.be/zorra
- Lut Verstappen & Anne Adé "Divazine, vrouwenmagazine online" http://www.divazine.be

Open source & free software
- Lucile Fievet http://www.april.org
- Gender Changers http://www.genderchangers.org

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- BA.B.A. de la gestion des fichiers sous Linux/UNIX

- Formations et supports de cours *libres* sur les logiciels *libres*

- Un site simple destiné aux débutants http://www.baby-linux.net

- Un site très complet reprenant en particulier pour les débutants le contenu des répertoires de base de LINUX, un guide des " premiers pas " et, dans les "documents", un guide du ROOTard etc... http://cquoi.online.fr/

- LINUX Système, administration et services réseaux
http://www.ac-creteil.fr/infolyc/linux/formation/Welcome.html Un site plus sophistiqué, mais avec des exemples d'applications

- surSAMBA http://www.linux-france.org/prj/edu/sambaclg/ .

- Le Guide de Survie du Débutant sous Linux http://www.robaux.com/ebooksurvie.htm (Suivez le lien vers la version HTML , vous y trouverez aussi une version PDF plus lisible).


Three organising associations in Brussels
. Interface 3 asbl:
Pilot independent centre for qualifying vocational training, located in Brussels, which has been training women since 1988 in trades where they are under-represented, mainly in rapidly developing sectors where information and communication technology (TIC) plays an important role. Endowed with cutting edge equipment, the centre and the team of specialised teachers use original teaching methods, taking account of problems specific to women, children, family obligations, balance between professional life and presence at home, possible need to surpass the discouragement linked with a long period of inactivity. A management and creation cell (Websites, computer graphics) works there as a place of reception at the end of the training and occupational integration of long-term unemployed and lesser-qualified women. To understand the development of employment in TICs better, to define new professional profiles and avoid the isolation of pioneering women in this field, the centre forms links and works in partnership with other training centres, research bodies, companies, and public authorities

. Sophia: Since 1990, Sophia has been a network whose objective is to promote the development of studies, research and feminist and women teachings in Belgium. Its specificity is to build bridges between researchers working in university centres and elsewhere, to establish the link between the women's movement and the scientific world, to bring the various linguistic communities closer. Sophia organises conferences every two years and publishes a quarterly news bulletin which echoes research, publications, conference training and information on women and gender in Belgium.
. Constant vzw: created in 1997, is an association from Brussels that aims to bring creative and/or critical works to the public and artists, using the new media in conjunction with other forms of expression. For that purpose, Constant organises exhibitions, conferences, workshops, publishes texts, with a view to developing the current media problems. Constant has created a network that defines itself as a context enabling these artists to confront their work at exhibitions and festivals with recent works. The ground it covers includes the 'traditional' media (cinema, video) as well as the newcomers (CD-ROM, Internet). Constant brings about meetings between artists and the public present at the debates, conferences, and workshops.
People, internal participants, guests and the public, from Brussels and other parts who:
. have or want to use technologies to earn their living and to provide for the needs of a family
.have professional and technical skills in the cutting edge of information and communication technology, and alternative systems
. undertake university research in various disciplines and in various countries,
. create their artistic work by using 'traditional' or 'new' media (film, video, Internet, digital support)
. are interes
ted by feminist thought on contemporary society

with the European project 'Cyber feminism LAB',
centred on the contemporary feminist debates in conjunction with the new technologies of which Constant swz is a partner with 'Frauen. Kultur.Labor TheaLit', Brêmes, (D) the 'Women's Art Library', London (GB), the 'Old Boys Network, the Edith-Russ-Haus für Medienkunst', Oldenburg (D) and the Pénélopes (F).

with the Belgian project ADA, which aims to create an exchange, thought and action network on the subject of women and NTICs. Led by Interface3 in partnership with associations of women's training in information technology, @ron, ATEL, Sofft, NFTE, this project enjoys the support of the Belgian ministry of Work and of Employment and of the ESF, and involves a widened collaboration with companies, guidance centres, schools, etc.

with the support of:

Belgian Ministry of Employment and Labour European Social Fond