Various (migrant) women groups in ICT

Project "Vrouwendomein: Enter " ("Women's field : enter")
The project "Vrouwendomein: enter" meets the need of women's organisations and of their members/participants to use the new possibilities of ICT. In this presentation, we will cover the question of support given to organisations active in the field of multiculturalism, emancipation and women (in the Utrecht province). The aim is to gather information on the Internet via a site. To this end, models are developed with these organisations so that they can create and maintain a web site easily, without requiring elaborate technical knowledge and data on the construction of such a site. The working method will be explained and models will be presented (as well as how they work).
Project "Vrouweninformatievoorziening POs het Internet" (Women's information on Internet")
A short presentation of a project in the Netherlands which aims to extend existing collaboration between a number of feminist libraries and information and documentation centres on women to a common database on Internet. This project is being currently developed. It forms part of the project "Vrouwendomein: Enter ".

Cet article a été écrit par Erna Kotkamp, Charlot Pierik, Utrecht {} le 17/11/2002