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For the web site:nicolelenoir: nicolelenoir@interface3.be
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Digitales est un projet du réseau belge ADA / De digitale ontmoetingen kaderen in het Belgisch ADA netwerk / The Digitales project is part of the ADA Belgian network


> (nl)Workshops > Mongrel/Linker Workshop

.: Mongrel/Linker Workshop :.

5 & 6/12 >> 9:00 - 2 x 180'-
Linker is a piece of Mongrel-engineered software that enables you to connect images, sounds, text and video that you have created or chosen.

Linker is a non-commercial piece of software, available free as a download from the internet. It is experiential and designed to satisfy the desires people who like to use technologies for their own purposes and then share them. It is in constant development and redefinition, and is not guaranteed glitch-free.

Workshop method:

" The method of engagement in workshop scenarios have always been to enter with the bag half full and allow the participants to continue to full it up, this also means that the outcome is never a defined thing, it however is a process arrived at by mutual consensus and respect, respect for both man and machine as a definite appreciation of both is very significant to a functional outcome, thus its up to us to make the other half as meaningful and empowering as we demand! "

-- mervin Jarmanis veel geweest, o.a. Community Art Activist, Interactieve Media Designer, Human Computer Interface expert, lid van het Mongrel Collectief, grondlegger van IANI Media. Mervin is een speciale soort van mongrel, een nieuwe soort van street interactive art-hactivist. Marlene Lewis heeft toegepast vakkundigheid op de domeinen van sociaal onderzoek, project planning, management en promotie van community development

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